Hello, I’m Laura Schwamb, 

My practice is at the intersection of art, design, science & technology.
Bringing those together in a new collaborative model where it becomes
a given that artists are a part of the research and development process, showing that value and bringing it to a world stage.

In 2013 I created an artist driven platform that is public, and where I am able to focus on a social practice with company projects that invite exchange and provoke individual and collective actions. I call the interdisciplinary collaboration platform, PROJECT61

I believe in interdisciplinary collaboration because I’ve seen it result in technological advances, moving an artist’s practice forward, providing sustainability for artist’s, long-lasting shared learnings, and ongoing, paradigm shifting collaborations between art & industry towards a more humane society.

At Human Condition Labs; in addition to building and running the creative department, I created the Artist in Research Program which grew into the Human Condition Labs Arts Program as an intrapreneurial project. And the beginnings of what is now PROJECT61. I partnered with the C.E.O.,
Peter E. Raymond, who also passionately believed in the Arts Program.
The creative arts cross-functional collaboration with the R&D, Tech,
Education and Engineering departments was an essential part of Human Condition Labs brand strength, and was the lore for investors, patrons of
the arts and benefactor donations.

Statistics show that having an artist in the company mix promotes a happier work place, stronger talent retention, faster product speed to market based on inclusion of artistic perspectives, potential new I.P., cultivation of analytical thinking and problem solving, increased brain connectivity and plasticity, social impact and sparking creativity and innovation throughout the workplace.

As a trained fine artist and designer my past corporate experiences have taught me successful strategies for team building across multiple channels for consistent global brand strategy.  

Most intensely was my time building luxury brand, Tom Ford Beauty.
There I led his brand through his first fragrance launch to 8 more fragrance launches, spa line, woman's cosmetic line and mens skin care line. I was responsible for building the creative team and ensuring global brand consistency across multiple platforms: email, social, in-store visual and physical merchandising, print, crm programs, packaging, pr, education, outdoor, TV, web, and events.



In 2008,  I was asked to step out of my agency; STEAM Design Group, to help launch the Tom Ford Beauty brand within the Estée Lauder companies. I had joined a very small team to recruit, build, launch, and maintain global brand consistency for Mr. Ford's first beauty brand of fragrances and cosmetics. At that time, the brand had no identity to build upon, there were no established house codes or signatures that could be re-interpreted and re-imagined. 
It was exciting to be an integral part of the first Tom Ford team, working together to build this essential structure from scratch, supporting his
vision to succeed and grow.

My 5.5 years were a close collaboration with both Mr. Ford’s World Wide Brand Image Director as well as the Vice President of Marketing at the Estée Lauder Company. Receiving detailed direction from the Tom Ford International Company, it was my responsibility to work with both companies to make sure the end product met the creative expectations, budgets, deadlines, and strategic goals.


I was with STEAM Design Group, the company I founded in 2001. www.steam-design.com

The STEAM Design Group was a design collective specializing in 2 and 3D Graphic and Packaging Design offering a full range of services Inclusive of: primary and secondary packaging, graphic design, p.o.p, retail environments, events, visual weeks and illustration. Capabilities began from concept through to production and included prototypes, press runs and design support. 

Because of my love of materials, process, interdisciplinary collaboration, science, technology, culture and travel and most importantly getting my hands dirty, while at STEAM Design Group, I created an extension company called, PressCheckGirl, where I traveled globally to be live on press for print and 3D as a color printing and materials specialist.

Previous to Steam, I worked as Senior Art Director at L’Oreal, in the European Designer Fragrance division, leading the Armani and Guy Laroche brands.

Prior to L’Oreal, I worked as a Senior Graphic Designer of print and typography at Wechsler and Partners, and before that, as a Graphic Designer and Color Specialist working with industrial designers at Henry Dreyfuss Associates. I have a love of collaborating with masters of their craft.

In tandem with my working schedule, my passion for design pulled me towards visiting lecturer positions at Parsons School of Design, which then led to a one year part time teaching position, as a Packaging Design Professor. Following Parsons, I continued my teaching with the on-line design school, Sessions.edu, as Professor of Graphic Design, Typography, Portfolio Review, and Advanced Packaging design. In addition to my teaching, I volunteered as a design mentor to students and was asked to develop and write the Advanced Packaging Design course.

As and active fine artist, I keep my hands dirty and my ideas fresh working in Video, Neon, Photography and Drawing. My work has shown at the Jacobson Howard Gallery: New York; Gen Arts Festival: New York; GAle Gates Gallery: Brooklyn; Smack Mellon Gallery: Brooklyn; Creative Time: New York; Rhizome: New York; The Tangent Gallery: Detroit; and Learning to Love You More: Eindhoven, The Netherlands, The Center for Performance Research; (CPR), Bushwick Open Studios, and Warehouse 1-10 gallery, New Mexico.